A list of Mastercook files.

I have not added many of the actual recipes to these files. This is mainly a database project so you can search for recipes you are looking for. Some day, I will be adding the recipes as I can too... but right now, I just want a good search engine.

So far, I do not know of any other cost free way of uploading the files... if you know of a better service let me know. But, for now, I will be using a yahoo group. It will be open to the public, but only I will have access to upload files, any one can download the files though. So you will need a yahoo account, which is free. Then you can download the files and import them into your Mastercook program.

The Newsletters I have by month currently because that is how I file them. So as to cook in season. But, I may at some point also offer them by year.  But, only if I have enough request, and after I am finished with all the months, and then all the books, and booklets as well.